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Alaska Photo Guides is now 5 years old, but it has been in the making for the last 30 years since I first made the trek beyond Anchorage...

Guided Photo Tours

Alaska Photo Guides offers guided tours with photography as the central focus. Starting in Anchorage and ending in Homer, your trip can be customized for fit your needs and itinerary.


Search a collection of some of my favorite images from around Alaska. I trade them off every once in a while and offer prints in an 8x10 format.

Who Am I?

The first time I drove south and saw the rugged snow covered mountains, the fast moving rivers, and the pristine Alaskan wilderness I knew that this was a place I would be lucky to call home. Now, I've done the leg work for you. All the pulling down the little roads just to see what was at the end. All you need to do is come take the pictures.

I live in a small town named Homer, Alaska. We are located 220 miles south of Anchorage at the end of the highway. The town is on the shores of the Kachemak Bay and is home to one of the largest spits in the world which runs 5 miles out into the water. There are a few glaciers across the bay that make for great photos along with the wildlife… whales and eagles abound!

I created Alaska Photo Guides to share this wonder, so call me when you're ready to come visit Alaska or drop me an email about pictures I've already taken around this mighty state! 

Thanks, LB - owner of Alaska Photo Guides

Your Journey

Guided Photo Tours

Alaska Photo Guides offers guided Alaskan tours with photography as the focus. Riding in style in a cozy and clean red van, I've got all the logistics planned for you, based on what you want! And while each trip is unique, locations and duration can be changed to some extent. 

Please remember, it does rain in the summers in Alaska. The pictures will be great because of the contrast, but you might want some rain gear for you and your camera. I recommend a dry bag. They are inexpensive and make transporting the camera easy. So come on, bring your cameras, and see Alaska with someone that knows the road to the great shots!

Day 1

Your party starts in Anchorage. From there, we head south along the Seward Highway to our first stop roughly 45 minutes away in Girdwood, the quaint ski town and home of Alyeska Resort. You can either take an aerial tram ride to the top of the mountain for some great pictures of the local glaciers and Turnagain Arm, or explore the town. Girdwood has many glacier fed streams and rivers, moss covered rocks and trees with an abundance of moose and other wildlife. It seems as though there are scenic nooks in every corner. This night will end in Girdy at a nice little B&B.

Day 2

In the morning we will start the day with breakfast at the Bake Shop, and then head south another 45 minutes to Portage Glacier. Though the glaciers have receded quite drastically, there are still many to be seen clinging to mountain tops, and much to explore. We'll be grabbing photo ops as we go, you can never tell what can be seen just off the shoulders of the road.
 From Portage, our next stop will be Seward just in time to check in and step on board the Kenai Fjords boat. Seward offers easy access to fertile Resurrection Bay, where one can watch the calving of salt water glaciers just outside of town and stop at Fox Island for a salmon bake. Then back to Seward for either a night on the town or something more quiet.
 For a more mellow adventure, the Sea Life Center offers easy sights and hands on experiences with rescued marine life. 

Day 3

DAY 3. We will start this day at one of the many nice coffee shops in town and head just outside of town for a stop at Exit Glacier, which is just a small walk from the parking lot to the face of some of the bluest ice you can imagine (you are just a few feet away from it). After we are done here we will head down the Kenai towards Homer, making needed photo and comfort stops. Homer is at the end of the road in Alaska, that's why we save the best 'till last. Called the Halibut Capitol of the World, it's also home to four big glaciers and a finger of land called the Homer Spit that sticks out in the Kachemak Bay for 5 miles. We will check in to our lodging, have some nice food and relax around town. This day will end in Homer.

Day 4

DAY 4. This day starts at the Two Sisters Bakery for some coffee and treats, homemade here. Then it's off to the Spit where you can take pictures of the local curiosities or catch the Rainbow Tours and head out in the bay and inlet to watch some whales. It also stops in Seldovia (a nice fishing town at the mouth of the bay) along the way. Another choice for this day could be fishing. Homer has many halibut fishing charters located on the Spit, so if you're not only a photographer but also a fisher person this could be your chance at the big one!! The biggest butt caught in Homer was close to 400lbs... that's a lot of fish! This day will end in Homer.

Day 5

DAY 5. We are going to start this day at the Two Sisters Bakery again with coffee/tea and some kind of goodies and then it's off towards Anchorage. It's good not to make your flights too early or maybe even spend the night in Anchorage, because there is no telling what we could run into to take pictures of on the way back. Some of the places we originally stopped at we will be stopping at again. The lighting will be different this time and also the time of day.


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